[A2k] Kindle Library eBooks Limited to Only US Libraries

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Kindle Library eBooks Limited to Only US Libraries
By Nate Hoffelder on April 20, 2011 1:19 PM

When Amazon announced today that the Kindle would soon be getting
library eBooks, it actually raised more questions than it answered.
Fortunately I have a contact with Overdrive, and he has answered a few
of my questions.

The Kindle service will be  available only in the US, just like the
eBook sharing, apps, or any other Kindle extras. Overdrive is more
than capable of providing this service around the world, but Amazon
said no.

And it will be Overdrive providing the service, not Amazon. Also, this
service will be part of the general library service, which means that
any existing collection of downloadable eBooks will be available to
Kindle customers. Any new eBooks bought from Overdrive will also be
available for the Kindle and Kindle reading apps. Libraries won’t have
to purchase eBooks a second time.

If you want your eBooks to be lent on the Kindle, you’ll need to sign
with Overdrive.  Unfortunately, this means all existing contracts
(like the HarperCollins 26 checkout limit) will also apply to kindle

Update: Overdrive has posted this info on its blog.

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in Progress'

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