[A2k] Non-market sharing is a fundamental right

Peter Jenner peter.jenner at sinman.co.uk
Thu Apr 21 10:37:05 PDT 2011

I like this as the ISPs and telecoms have more poowere and money than the music industry. They will fight like tigerts to kick this proposal away.
But maybe this will encourage them to do some deals which means the creators get paid and they don't have to police their customers and the politicians can announce the end of piracy by the simple act of legitimizing it.
There are many precedents for this.
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On 21/04/2011 17:59, "Philippe Aigrain" <philippe.aigrain at wanadoo.fr> wrote:

Commissioner Barnier spoke yesterday in a conference on Creative
industries: innovation and growth. He announced "a major initiative to
focus on ISPs to fight online piracy because he doesn't want to
criminalise consumers". He added that this strategy will be developed
with Commissioners Kroes (digital agenda) and Vassiliou (culture).

This announcement signals a new stage in the war against sharing in the
digital sphere: after suing users for infringement, after automated
sanctions and the criminalization of some tools, policy is now after
depriving users of the means to share by exerting pressure on ISPs. Just
like the "graduated response" or three-strike approaches were presented
as softer than infringement cases, transforming ISP in police
auxiliaries is presented as "avoiding to ciminalize" users, that is it
treats them all as criminals preventively.

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Philippe Aigrain

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