[A2k] SURVEY on Public Interest Representation in the Information Society

Norbert Bollow nb at bollow.ch
Mon Aug 8 02:09:08 PDT 2011

Dear all
  In an effort aimed at making public interest representation on
information society topics easier, I've started working towards
a "map of Internet governance", and a "Dynamic Working Coalition
for Internet Governance Mapping" has been formed, see
http://idgovmap.org/ .  In particular I'm organizing a workshop
at the IGF in Nairobi on behalf of the Civil Society Internet
Governance Caucus and Consumers International's programme
Consumer Representation in the Information Society.

We would like to request your assistence in the form of a survey:
Please share your perspective on opportunties and obstacles for
public interest representation on information society issues:


Responding should take about 15-30 minutes.  The survey closes on
31 October 2011, but ideally please answer the survey by 5 September
if you can, as that will allow your answers to be used already in
preparing for the workshop at the IGF in Nairobi.


P.S. This email may be freely forwarded throughout your professional
networks, and posted to any relevant mailing lists, and mentioned on
microblogging services, etc. In fact we'd be grateful for that!

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