[A2k] The Inquirer: Apple gets its mitts on ipods.com for nothing

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Apple gets its mitts on ipods.com for nothing

Domain squatter told to hit the road
By Lawrence Latif
Mon Aug 01 2011, 13:40        
FRUIT THEMED TOYMAKER Apple has won a World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) ruling over the domain name ipods.com that forces the present owner to transfer ownership of the domain to Apple.

Apple had previously paid millions for domain names such as iphone.com and icloud.com, but in the case of ipods.com the company decided to take the case to WIPO instead of paying out. WIPO ruled in favour of Apple, meaning the present owner, whose details cannot be found with a whois lookup, will have to transfer ownership over to Apple, receiving nothing for the trouble.

The reasoning behind WIPO's decision wasn't available, however according to whois records, ipods.com was registered on 28 April 2002, at least six months after Apple released the original Ipod. So given that Ipod was established as a trademark by the time ipods.com was registered, Apple must have been pretty confident that it could take ownership of the domain name without having to pay any significant amount.

WIPO's ruling opens up the possibility for Apple and other firms to file complaints over domain names, hopefully curtailing the business plans of domain squatters. Domain squatters register domain names, speculating that companies will spend hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars to buy them.

Although there have been cases where individuals who were running legitimate websites have been targeted, in the case of ipods.com, Apple seems to have done web users a favour by taking down yet another web cul-de-sac. µ

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