[A2k] European Parliament does not possess Commission’s negotiators’ notes on ACTA

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European Parliament does not possess Commission’s negotiators’ notes on ACTA
August 21, 2011
By Ante

The European Parliament Register informed us the Parliament does not possess 
the EU Commission’s negotiators’ notes on ACTA. This is remarkable. Article 
218.10 TFEU reads: “The European Parliament shall be immediately and fully 
informed at all stages of the procedure.” The negotiators’ notes play a role 
in interpreting ACTA. The Commission didn’t fully inform the Parliament, if 
the Register’s information is correct.

In March, Pedro Velasco Martins, EU Commission ACTA negotiator, answered FFII 
questions on ACTA. He wrote: “The EU has not decided yet whether it will 
publish its negotiators’ notes.” This suggests that these notes do not fall 
under the confidentiality agreement, and can be published. The Commission did 
not publish the notes yet. And according to the Parliament’s Register, the 
Commission did not send them to Parliament either.

In an earlier email, 28 July 2011, the Register wrote: “As you know the 
Parliament was not party in the negotiations. It is up to the Commission to 
decide whether it will publish its negotiations’ notes”. This left it unclear 
whether the Parliament possessed the negotiators’ notes, the FFII filed a 
confirmatory application.

The Register released three documents regarding the discussion in Parliament 
on how and when to ask a European Court of Justice Opinion on ACTA. (pdf1, 
pdf2, pdf3) It can be done now.

There still is no trail for the International Trade Committee decisions on 
ACTA. To be continued.

Register’s email 17 August 2011


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