[A2k] #SCCR23: Concluding remarks of Brazil

Thirukumaran Balasubramaniam thiru at keionline.org
Mon Dec 5 05:50:18 PST 2011



"Thank you Mr. Chairman,

First, my delegation would like to congratulate you on the very good job performed as the Chairman of this Session of the SCCR. We also thank Assistant Director General, Mr. Trevor Clarke, and the Secretariat for all the hard work, and also the interpreters.

My delegation would like to extend its congratulations to all delegations, for their hard and constructive work along these two weeks of Session, andfor the flexibility in order to reach acceptable solutions.

I would like to reiterate our willingness to collaborate with other Member States on the work on the protection of broadcasting organizations.

Brazil considers that the work developed by the SCCR with regards to limitations and exceptions within the framework of the work program is very special and deserves full engagement and commitment from Member States.

With regards to the future instrument on copyright exceptions and flexibilities for persons with print disabilities, to be very honest, my delegation has some mixed feelings.

We consider it very positive that we have all delegations engaged in a work text that can be the “road map” for the future international instrument on the subject.

On the other hand, the text that is on the table now has much more open issues than the joint proposal that was co-sponsored by a very representative number of delegations in the last session of the SCCR, in June. Due to the nature of some proposed changes and their relation with the provisions of the joint proposal of June, we are now, perhaps, more distant from the objective than we were before.

The challenge for the next session will be to converge to a more consensual text and to produce a more coherent document, which will serve as the basis for the international instrument.

We must not lose the momentum. We do not think it is fair with the VIP community to delay the conclusion of the work in this field.

Therefore, we encourage all delegations to continue working constructively in a text-based discussion with a view to improve the existing text.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman."


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