[A2k] Dutch ACTA resolution rejected, EU expected to sign today

Ante ante at ffii.org
Wed Dec 14 05:47:17 PST 2011

The Dutch parliament resolution asking the minister not to sign ACTA before 
all negotiating texts are published was just rejected. 

The text of the resolution in Dutch (provisional, not corrected minutes):


The EU Foreign Affairs Council meeting on trade policy is expected to adopt 
ACTA today at the WTO ministeral conference preparatory meeting in Geneva:


Anti-counterfeiting trade agreement

The Council is expected to adopt a decision authorising the signing of an 
anti-counterfeiting trade agreement (ACTA) between the EU and
Australia, Canada, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, 
Singapore, Switzerland and the United States. ACTA is aimed at
establishing an international framework to improve the enforcement of 
intellectual property right laws and create improved international
standards for actions against large-scale infringements of intellectual 
property. Negotiations were concluded in November 2010.

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