[A2k] Consultation on proposals to change the UK's copyright system due March 21, 2012

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Mon Dec 19 10:42:09 PST 2011


Consultation on proposals to change the UK's copyright system
Reference: 2011-004

Launch date: 14 December 2011
Closing date: 21 March 2012

This consultation is about proposals to change the UK's copyright
system arising from the Hargreaves Review of IP and Growth, as set out
in the Government's response to the Review. It seeks relevant evidence
on the potential for the proposed measures to improve the contribution
of the copyright system to UK economic growth, and to inform decisions
on legislative and other actions in these areas.

The consultation is aimed at individuals and organisations, including
small and medium sized business, which may be impacted by the proposed
changes to UK copyright laws.

    * Consultation on Copyright PDF document(3.42Mb)
    * Consultation response form PDF document(297Kb)
    * Open and transparent evidence guidance PDF document(90Kb)

      Impact Assessments
    * BIS0306: Copyright exception for archiving and preservation PDF
    * BIS0308: Copyright exceptions for disabled people PDF document(153Kb)
    * BIS0309: Use of works for public administration and reporting
PDF document(83Kb)
    * BIS0310: Exception for use of quotations or extracts of
copyright works PDF document(77Kb)
    * BIS0311: Extend exception for copying for research and private
study PDF document(93Kb)
    * BIS0312: Exception for copying of works for use by text and data
analytics PDF document(73Kb)
    * BIS0313: Codes of Conduct PDF document(143Kb)
    * BIS0315: Protecting copyright exceptions from override by
contract PDF document(87Kb)
    * BIS0316: Introducing / widening certain copyright exceptions PDF
    * BIS0317: Extending copyright exceptions for educational use PDF
    * BIS1054: Extended Collective Licensing (ECL) PDF document(110Kb)
    * BIS0155: Copyright exception for private copying PDF document(259Kb)
    * BIS1056: Copyright notices PDF document(128Kb)
    * BIS1057: Copyright exception for parody PDF document(103Kb)
    * BIS1063: Orphan works PDF document(192Kb)

How to respond

We welcome your views on this issue. Please send any comments, before
the closing date to:
David Burgess
Intellectual Property Office
21 Bloomsbury Street
United Kingdom

E-mail: Copyright Consultation
Fax: +44 (0)20 7034 2826

Please Note: This consultation forms part of a publication exercise.
As such, your response may be subject to publication or disclosure in
accordance with the access to information regimes (these are primarily
the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA), the Data Protection Act
1998 (DPA) and the Environmental Information Regulations 2004). We
plan to post responses on the Review website when they are received,
and they may be the subject of online discussion.

If you do not want part or whole of your response or name to be made
public please state this clearly in the response, explaining why you
regard the information you have provided as confidential. If we
receive a request for disclosure of the information we will take full
account of your explanation, but we cannot give an assurance that
confidentiality can be maintained in all circumstances. An automatic
confidentiality disclaimer generated by your IT system cannot be
regarded as a formal request for confidentiality.

We will process your personal data in accordance with the DPA.

General enquiries about the Review should be sent to the e-mail or
postal addresses above.

Manon Anne Ress
Knowledge Ecology International
1621 Connecticut Ave, NW, Suite 500
Washington, DC 20009 USA
manon.ress at keionline.org

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