[A2k] Whiners, mercenaries and alternatives

Philippe Aigrain (perso Wanadoo) philippe.aigrain at wanadoo.fr
Wed Feb 9 05:30:37 PST 2011

Large telecommunications companies, copyright stock owners and some
content producers complain that large centralized content sites now
concentrate a large share of Internet usage, creating unbalance in the
traffic. These centralized sites are accused of free riding without
contributing to financing infrastructures nor remunerating artists (read
producers and distributors). Mercenary politicians sing the same song
and plan to destroy the good properties of the Internet (neutrality,
equitable service and peer-to-peer architecture where intelligence and
innovation lie at the periphery. Whiners and mercenaries list Facebook,
Google (read YouTube), Spotify ou Megaupload as examples.

This triggers three remarks:

    * The complaining parties powerfully contributed to install the
situation which now claim to deplore. Conducting a stubborn war against
the distributed sharing of digital works between individuals, in
particular its P2P form, they are among those to blame for the increased
concentration of Internet usage on a few centralized sites. They also
are to blame for part of the development of streaming, this
impoverishing form of access to culture that turns the Internet into a
TV (or radio + advertising)2.

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