[A2k] Obama Establishes Intellectual Property Enforcement Advisory Committees

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President Establishes Intellectual Property Enforcement Advisory Committees
Posted by Victoria Espinel on February 08, 2011 at 07:41 PM EST

I am pleased to tell you that today President Obama issued an
Executive Order called "The Establishment of the Intellectual Property
Enforcement Advisory Committees," establishing two intellectual
property enforcement advisory committees designed to improve the
Federal Government’s intellectual property enforcement efforts.  The
President's issuance of the Executive Order further confirms his
Administration's commitment to creating jobs and improving the economy
by strengthening the enforcement of intellectual property laws, the
laws designed to protect and foster America's inventiveness and

In his State of the Union address, the President emphasized that to
remain competitive in today’s world economy, to create jobs and new
business opportunities, we need to unleash the creative spirit of the
American people, the same spirit that has made us the most prosperous
nation in the world.  In his weekly address on January 29, 2011, the
President reiterated that “America will win the future by
out-innovating, out educating and out building our competitors.”  At a
meeting at the White House on January 28, 2011, flanked by Cabinet
members, other senior Administration officials, and the CEOs of
several of our top companies, Vice President Biden echoed the
President’s remarks, further noting that we must also work hard to
protect our intellectual property to ensure that the “innovative ideas
and creative products reach their full potential without being stolen,
co-opted or, quite frankly, compromised.”

To ensure that the Administration does its best to protect these
innovations and creative products, today  the President issued this
Executive Order, which establishes a Cabinet level Senior Intellectual
Property Enforcement Advisory Committee comprised of the heads of the
Departments responsible for intellectual property enforcement,
including the Departments of Justice, Homeland Security, Commerce,
Health and Human Services, State, Treasury, Agriculture and USTR.  The
Executive Order also establishes the Intellectual Property Enforcement
Advisory Committee comprised of representatives from the agencies
responsible for designing and carrying out the Administration’s
strategy for stopping intellectual property theft.

The committees established by this Executive Order will encourage
innovation by focusing and intensifying the Administration’s efforts
to combat intellectual property theft in the United States and abroad.
 Confident that their innovations and creativity will be protected,
our intellectual property industries will continue to develop
countless ground-breaking products while creating new sustainable jobs
and contributing even more to our economic well being.

Victoria Espinel is the U.S. Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator.

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