[A2k] IPRED/ACTA: Help us map EU lobbies for the war on sharing

La Quadrature du Net jz at laquadrature.net
Thu Nov 10 07:39:42 PST 2011

*Help us map EU lobbies for the war on sharing*

Dear all,

We're ahead of a crucial legislative battle, with the upcoming consent vote on ACTA, and the revision of IPRED. 

As you know, a very important consultation took place a few months back on  the "Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement" Directive (IPRED). In order to enable a distributed collaborative effortin order to map the lobbies/countries/NGOs and see who is pushing for scaling up the the war on sharing., we have put together a wiki page wherethe responses to the consultation can be analyzed. Wewould like to ask for your helpin this effort.

The idea is, foreach response to the consultation, toidentify where a given stake-holder stand in the debateby extracting key quotes. That way we will be able to know better our friends and foes, and dig out interesting quotes that we can use to criticise our opponents (For instance, France's response to the consultation calls for modifying the "notice-and-takedown" regime to turn it into a "notice-and-censor" regime, were the ISP would have to filter out any audio file, video, picture and whatnot that has already been identified and taken down. Of course, this means monitoring users' communications and filtering out allegedly infringing content...).

Thanksfor taking a look and spreading this call for participation around so that we can have a clear picture of where exactly the different respondents stand.


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