[A2k] We can defeat FTAs

Heesob Nam hurips at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 10:19:26 PST 2011

In mid-October, the US Congress approved the Korea-US FTA. Many, even
including me, thought that this was a done deal and the game was over.
But the reality is quite different. From the end of last month, ever
growing number of Korean people are uprising to oppose the FTA.
College students, housewives and high school girls started to speak
out that the Korea-US FTA is bad for their future life. To be honest,
this dramatic change goes beyond what I have expected during my fight
against the FTA.

Inspired by the Occupy movement, the general public came to know that
the free trade deal was not for themselves; it's only for the benefit
of the 1%. Upon the proposal of activists in Occupy Wall Street, we
will hold an international day of action against the Korea-US FTA, on
22nd, next Tuesday. We have chosen this day because next Thursday the
Korean National Assembly has a plenary session, in which South Korean
government is very likely to push for the voting of the flawed deal.

So I'd like to call for your solidarity and action. I'm confident that
if we show the power of the 99% and continue our fight against the
Korea-US FTA by this month, we can eventually defeat the FTA. Since
the official negotiation began in 2006, many Korean activists have
struggled to stop the deal. During our fight lasted for more than five
years, one labour union member took his life, several hundreds were
arrested and tens of people had a hunger strike. Next week is the most
critical point in our fight and we need your solidarity.

For more, please refer to

Our letter of Call for Solidarity and Action is here.


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