[A2k] The French Senate proposes to legalize piracy of the French 20th century printed heritage

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The French Senate proposes to legalize piracy of the French 20th
century printed heritage

ADULLACT, AFUL and FFII France, three associations promoting open access to digital resources without infringing copyright, express their grave concern about a new law proposed before the French Senate concerning digital exploitation of 20th century out of commerce books. A major intent is to block the European policy aiming at opening access to culture and knowledge, and to subsidize publishers with public money from the state and from local governments.

Ignoring the exclusive rights of authors, and particularly their moral right to release of their works, the French parliament seems prepared to seize control of the French 20th century written heritage, and grant its exploitation to commercial publishers, at the expense of the public, the libraries that preserved them, and most of their authors. The primary goal of this law is to defeat the objectives of a proposal for a European directive which takes account of both the public interest and the rights of authors.

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