[A2k] US general intervention (based on WIPO SCCR23 transcript)

Thirukumaran Balasubramaniam thiru at keionline.org
Mon Nov 21 03:04:01 PST 2011

UNITED STATES: Thank you, Mr. Chairman. First the United States would like to 
congratulate you on the extraordinary leadership you showed during our last session. And we 
look forward to your leadership for this session. United States would also like to thank the 
Secretariat Director General Francis Gurry and the assistant Director General Trevor Clark for 
their extraordinary work both behind the scenes and on the dias. Concerning the audiovisual 
performance treaty like all other delegations that have spoken the United States is keys 
pleased that the General Assembly accepted the recommend fgs this committee to resume the 
dip ploe mattic conference. To resolve the final outstanding issue of the text. More 
importantly we are tremendously pleased at the goodwill of all Member States as we worked 
on that project. 

Concerning persons with print disabilities, we like other delegations believe that the book 
famine based by the blind must be addressed and can be addressed in a reasonable and 
balanced manner that safeguards the integrity of the Copyright system. We look forward to 
making further progress based on the Chairman's text as we work towards an instrument to 
establish clear norms for copyright exceptions for persons with print disabilities. We have 
some questions and comments on the Chairman's text. Some are technical and some are 
substantive but we thank you for your leadership in this regard and we do believe that that 
should be the basis for going forward in our discussions in this Committee. 

As to exceptions and limitations for libraries and archives, this is a topic that is very 
important to the United States. We have extensively developed our own national exceptions 
in this area and we are frequently reflecting and studying our national exceptions to ensure 
that they meet the needs of the current technological environment. We look forward to a 
discussion on the limitations and exceptions of national laws that enable library and archives 
to carry out their public mission. United States is also committed to working with other 
Member States on the question of a treaty for broadcasting organizations and we hope 
progress will be achieved towards the adoption of a treaty with a signal based approach and 
with in line with the parameters established by the General Assemblies in 2006 and 2007. 
Mr. Chairman, in that spirit we look forward they very much on the informal consultation on 
the draft treaty. At the last SCCR we expressed concern about meeting fatigue of having an 
assembly of this Committee that actually stretches across two weeks. While we are here to 
work hard for these two weeks we do agree with the Director General that it is important to 
find a formula by which the committee can return to its one week sessions. Finally 
Mr. Chairman with that in mind we look forward to at the engd end of two week 
commemorating the end of a successful two week marathon SCCR session by having with you and other delegations a glass of fine tequila. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. 


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