[A2k] General statement of Knowledge Ecology International to SCCR23

Thirukumaran Balasubramaniam thiru at keionline.org
Mon Nov 21 07:08:36 PST 2011

General statement of Knowledge Ecology International
21 November 2011

The SCCR is beginning a long meeting that will attempt to address proposals for norm setting on copyright limitations and exceptions, and for related rights for audiovisual performances and broadcasting organizations.

KEI has long supported a treaty for persons who are blind or have other disabilities. In this regard, KEI opposes proposals for a two step process that would involved an early soft recommendation, followed by years of inaction. The SCCR should commit to a diplomatic conference on the disabilities issues. On issues of substance, the text should clarify the status of works “born digital,” and enure that a treaty will expand rather than restrict the freedom to implement exceptions.

KEI looks forward to providing comments on the new proposal by Brasil regarding libraries and archives.

KEI support a diplomatic conference for a treaty for audiovisual performances.

KEI opposes further work on a treaty for broadcasting organizations.


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