[A2k] Libraries in Estonia take copyright to the national airwaves

Teresa Hackett teresa.hackett at eifl.net
Wed Apr 17 07:45:33 PDT 2013

Estonia is in the process of revising its intellectual property laws, and
the drafting of a new copyright bill is expected by September 2014. In an
eight month project supported by EIFL-IP, the National Library of Estonia,
the Consortium of Estonian Libraries Network (ELNET) and the Estonian
Librarians Association worked to actively engage libraries in the planned
new copyright law, and to inform the general public about emerging
copyright issues that libraries face everyday, such as the lending of
e-books. The goal was to collaborate with legislators in developing
workable solutions for legal problems that arise in the new technological

*'The EIFL-IP project has enabled the library community to take the first
steps towards formulating a unified position on copyright issues, and to
ensure a single, strong library representation for the drafting of the new
copyright law. We hope that the voice of libraries will be listened to more
in the future. Joined forces are power!'* Karmen Linask, Project Manager

Read the case study to learn how they got on.

Read about the other advocacy campaigns.
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