[A2k] Academics Letter in Support of LDC Request for Unconditional Extension of their TRIPS Transition period

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>Over 130 academics from around the world have signed a letter supporting
>the unconditional extension of the transition period within which least
>development country Members of the WTO must become fully compliant with
>the TRIPS Agreement until any such country ceases to be a least developed
>country:  http://infojustice.org/archives/29438
>The letter articulates 10 reasons supporting the proposed extension, many
>drawn directly from the language of Article 66.1 itself.
>LDCs are locked in tense negotiations with other WTO Members at this time
>concerning the proposed extension and the EU and United States are
>reported to be taking the position that IPRs are good for development,
>that the extension must be time limited to 5 ­ 7-1/2 years, that it must
>preserve a requirement that LDCs maintain current levels of IP
>protection, and that they must use the transition period primarily to
>become TRIPS compliant rather than using it to develop their
>technological base and overcome capacity constraints.  The academics
>condemn this reasoning, arguing that granting the requested extension is
>mandatory once properly motivated, that Article 66.1 authorizes no
>conditions on extensions, and that the whole purpose of the transition
>period was to allow countries to eschew IP protections in order to
>develop their technological base and related capacities.
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