[A2k] International Intellectual Property Alliance on its IP Agenda for the Trans-Pacific Partnership to the United States Congress

Matthew Rimmer drmatthewrimmer at gmail.com
Sat Aug 3 23:16:58 PDT 2013

In a presentation to the United States Congress, the International
Intellectual Property Alliance demanded long
technological protection measures, statutory damages, camcording
offences, and criminal offences in the Trans-Pacific Partnership

The Alliance argued: "Despite some claims to the contrary, strong copyright
protection and enforcement is critical to bolstering innovation, the growth
of the Internet and free expression. The copyright industries represented
by IIPA depend upon freedom of speech, which is the lifeblood of creators
everywhere. As the Supreme Court has acknowledged, “copyright is the engine
of free
expression.” Companies that are members of IIPA’s associations are also at
the forefront of innovation in the delivery of content – providing more
creative works to more people in more ways at more price points and on more
devices than ever before in human history. U.S. copyright law has made a
huge contribution to achieving this result; and a TPP that adopts
 provisions similar to prior U.S. FTAs such as KORUS – which are fully
consistent with U.S. law  – will help spread this creativity and innovation
throughout TPP markets."

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