[A2k] Sign-on Letter -- Against life + 70 year copyright term in the TPP

Krista L. Cox krista.cox at keionline.org
Wed Dec 4 18:09:16 PST 2013

Dear All,

Here is a sign-on letter opposing a copyright term of life plus seventy
years in the TPP.  This will be a political issue at the TPP Ministerial in
Singapore which begins on December 7.  If you'd like to sign on, please
send me an e-mail letting me know.



This is sign-on Letter -- Against life+ 70 year copyright term in the TPP.
See end of letter for details on how to sign.

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December 9, 2013

Dear TPP negotiators

In a December 7-10 meeting in Singapore you will be asked to endorse a
binding obligation to grant copyright protection for 70 years after the
death of an author. We urge you to reject the life+ 70 year term for

There is no benefit to society of extending copyright beyond the 50 years
mandated by the WTO. While some TPP countries, like the USA, Mexico, Peru,
Chile or Australia, already have life+ 70 (or longer) copyright terms,
there is growing recognition that such terms were a mistake, and should be
shortened, or modified by requiring formalities for the extended periods.

The primary harm from the life+ 70 copyright term is the loss of access to
countless books, newspapers, pamphlets, photographs, films, sound
recordings and other works that are “owned” but largely not commercialized,
forgotten, and lost. The extended terms are also costly to consumers and
performers, while benefiting persons and corporate owners that had nothing
to do with the creation of the work.

Life+70 is a mistake, and it will be an embarrassment to enshrine this
mistake into the largest regional trade agreement ever negotiated.


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To sign, fill out this information and mailto:krista.cox at keionline.org
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Organization (if any): _______________________
City, State and Country _______________________________________
Email Address: _____________________________________
Optional: Comments, if any on this issue (for an annex to the letter).

Krista L. Cox
Staff Attorney
Knowledge Ecology International
(202) 332-2670

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