[A2k] Hollywood Reporter: Why Hollywood Studios Care About the NFL's Baltimore Ravens Logo

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Fri Dec 20 02:18:24 PST 2013


The Motion Picture Association of America is usually associated with its
aggressive advocacy of expansive copyright laws. On Monday, however, the
MPAA sided with the NFL and the Baltimore Ravens in defending limits to a
copyright holder's authority to object to use of protected material.


And it has a warning if the Fourth Circuit disagrees:

"The potential impact of Bouchat’s claims is not limited to the Baltimore
Ravens or the NFL. Many historical subjects cannot be discussed effectively
without the use of copyrighted material. It would be difficult, for
example, to make an effective biography of an actor without including
audiovisual clips depicting his work, in order, for example, to illustrate
a point about his career and impact, or to create a comprehensive study of
surrealist art without including works by Salvador Dali, to accompany the
author’s commentary. It would be nearly impossible to document any sliver
of life in a major American city without capturing vast numbers of logos,
signs, billboards, and other copyrighted works along the way. It would be
similarly impossible to make a documentary about the healthfulness of
McDonald’s food (*Super Size Me*) or Wal-Mart’s business practices (*Wal-Mart:
The High Cost of Low Price*) without depicting each company’s logo."

Below is the MPAA's full amicus brief authored by *Julie Ahrens* at
Stanford Law School.

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