[A2k] Libraries and RROs - an EIFL guide

Teresa Hackett teresa.hackett at eifl.net
Mon Feb 4 04:50:24 PST 2013

A Reproduction Rights Organization (RRO) licenses the copying of
published copyright protected works on behalf of its members. "How to
negotiate with your national Reproduction Rights Organization. An EIFL
Guide" is intended as a practical guide for libraries if they are
approached by an RRO, or when they need to approach an RRO themselves.
It sets out the role and tasks of an RRO, the types of licences on
offer and highlights issues to nconsider when negotiating a licence.
The Guide contains a checklist and offers tips for libraries to
obtainnthe most suitable terms of use and value for money for

The guide is available online here,

We hope it is a useful resource.

Teresa Hackett
EIFL-IP Programme Manager
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