[A2k] Microsoft « Open Bar » Contract - April Writes to the French Government and Parliament

Frederic Couchet fcouchet at april.org
Fri Feb 15 05:28:25 PST 2013


On 5 February 2013, PCINpact revealed an ongoing renegotiation around
Microsoft's "Open Bar" offer to the French Ministry of Defence. The
initial contract had been concluded in 2009 without any call for tender,
and had departed from public-procurement principles. On 6 February 2013,
April published a press release
asking for a stay of this renegotiation and for transparency around this

On 12 February 2013, April sent a request for the publication of the
administrative documents relating to the Ministry of Defence and to
Public Procurement's Consultative Commission. 

April has also written to the Prime Minister, to the Minister of
Defence, to Members of Parliament, and to the Senators who are members
of commissions on matters of Defence, to inform them about this dossier
and to ask for a stay of negotiations and for transparency around this

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