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Remembering Ville Oksanen

04/12/2014 BY WILLIAM NEW <http://www.ip-watch.org/author/william/>,

*From EDRi:* Ville Oksanen, Vice President and a founding member of
Electronic Frontier Finland (Effi), passed away on Sunday 23 November 2014
in Helsinki from a sudden illness. He was 37 years old.

Ville was one of the founders of EDRi’s Finnish member organisation Effi,
and a key contributor throughout the existence of the association.

He acted as the president of Effi from 2004 to 2005, and on 2011 he was
appointed as an Honorary Member in recognition of his tireless work, which
he continued to his last days. He also regularly represented EDRi in World
Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) meetings, and was an active
contributor to EDRi-gram.

Besides his work for Effi and EDRi, Ville worked as researcher in Aalto
University, and as lawyer in Turre Legal, a law firm specialised in
technology, media and copyright issues.

Ville was known as a hard-working defender of civil rights, especially
digital rights and freedom of expression – he participated actively in
public debate on these issues, significantly influencing the development of
digital rights issues on both national and EU level.

Ville’s absence leaves a wide gap to the digital rights scene, and also in
our hearts and minds. He was a warm, friendly and humorous person who will
be dearly missed. In the future we will often wonder what Ville would have
said and done. He believed that we can change the world for the better, and
we will continue in his footsteps to do so.

EDRi-gram, EDRi Brussels office and Effi express their sincerest
condolences to Ville’s family and friends.

*From IP-Watch:* We are stunned by this news, and remember Ville warmly for
his work at WIPO and on European copyright issues. In late October, Ville
published a passionate piece
Effi in *Intellectual Property Watch* on a vote in the Finnish Parliament
on changes to Finnish copyright law. He said Parliament would have to
“make a concrete decision on whether it listens to the copyright industry
lobbyists or to ordinary citizens who have expressed their desire to make
the copyright law fairer and more just for the society.” The measure was

On 11 November, he explained the outcome to *IP-Watch*: “Rather ugly – in
the end there was only one vote instead of the promised vote on the 4
separate issues. 27 MPs (out of 200) voted in favour, including 10 members
from the coalition party (that was a small surprise because the chairwoman
of the committee is also from that party). Anyway the initiative is now
officially dead.”

Obituaries published in the Finnish press:

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(Contribution by EDRi-member Effi, Finland)

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