[A2k] Intergroup on Common goods and public services at EP

Silke Helfrich silke.helfrich at gmx.de
Wed Dec 10 14:36:45 PST 2014

Dear Gaelle,

sounds tricky, as "common goods" and "commons" are two different things. 
So I wonder how we could inform an EP-intergroup for "Common goods and 
public services" about the commons (Commons, from my point of view, is 
not about protecting and ruling a special type of "goods", but about a 
differnt culture, a special way of shaping social relationships - that 
is - the economy. In short: it's about another paradigm.
and besides that; whenever the commons where ruled from above it ended 
up being a tragedy).

Nontheless, keep us up to date, please! It might be an interesting step/ 
strategy to engage into a political debate about the commons.

All the best

Am 09.12.2014 um 13:19 schrieb gaelle krikorian:
> Dear all,
> It is now confirmed that there will be a new intergroup « Common goods and public services » at the European parliament. This intergroup should be the entry point for civil society to inform the debates on this issue inside the EP and to promote concrete steps and rules on the commons.
> For those interested, get ready for 2015…
> Best,
> Gaelle
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