[A2k] Intergroup on Common goods and public services at EP

Karsten Gerloff gerloff at fsfeurope.org
Thu Dec 11 03:46:53 PST 2014

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Dear Gaelle, Silke,

On Thu, Dec 11, 2014 at 08:33:08AM +0100, Gaelle Krikorian wrote:
> I fully agree with you on the difference between Commons and
> Common goods. We actually had a discussion about this in one of
> the meetings ahead of the negotiations to create the intergroups
> with the MEPs who wanted the creation of an intergroup on the
> Commons. But I am afraid that then this seemed probably like a
> detail for MEPs in the context of the negotiations between all
> the political groups at the parliament to decide what would be
> the 30 and something intergroups. 
> The fact that the issue of « public services » was added was
> most probably a compromise because there was not enough support
> to keep the Intergroup on public services that already existed
> while creating a new one on the Commons. A lot of the people who
> wanted one also wanted the other. Or some people got support for
> one agreeing to support the other. You know, negotiations…So,
> that’s not ideal but all this can be discussed and addressed
> once the intergroup starts to be operational.

I believe this group will be a useful forum. Regarding the
imprecise terminology, I share Gaelle's experience that MEPs tend
to use terms rather broadly. Basically, the title of the
intergroup will have been designed to accomodate everyone's

This means that if we can get one or more MEPs in the intergroup
interested in a particular issue, this could be a good way to
reach a certain set of people in the Parliament.

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