[A2k] Publication: A Commons Approach to European Knowledge Policy

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Dear All,  I would like to share our paper on a Commons approach to 
European knowledge policy with you. Sorry for cross posting.

The Commons is a space between private wealth and the political state in 
which humanity can democratically govern its most precious wealth: our 
planet, our communities and our health.This paper describes how the 
commons perspective can contribute to long-overdue EU policy 
discussions. It outlines the compelling logic, benefits and ethics of a 
commons approach to knowledge, with an emphasis on how that could 
improve policy in certain areas such as health, the environment, science 
and culture, and the Internet.

A commons approach embraces knowledge as a shared resource and its 
management a joint responsibility. Rather than a narrow focus on 
intellectual property or economic value alone, this perspective requires 
us to attempt a more comprehensive understanding of value and policies 
that serve the common good.

Commons thinking takes a community and ecosystem perspective, placing 
issues of stewardship, social equity and long-term sustainability at the 
forefront of policy. The approach allows us to go beyond a purely 
individual rights- and market-oriented worldview: the very perspective 
that many consider to be at the root of current economic and 
environmental crises. Instead of conceiving of society as a mere 
collection of atomized individuals principally living as consumers, 
commons thinking points to the reality of people’s lives as deeply 
embedded in communities, social relationships and their natural 

As such a commons approach embraces the new opportunities for civic 
participation, nonmarket self-provisioning and reduced inequality as 
well as greater de-centralized innovation. The perspective points 
towards policies that favor open sharing of knowledge and alternative 
incentive models that could make medicines far more affordable; generate 
more useful, localized environmental technologies; and facilitate more 
knowledge transfers to a Global South struggling to meet basic human needs.


Executive Summary:

/'Europe & the Commons: A Commons Approach to European Knowledge Policy' 
is a publication by Commons Network and the Heinrich Böll Foundation./


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