[A2k] Surveillance: We Must Support Netzpolitik Against the German's Government Pressure!

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Surveillance: We Must Support Netzpolitik Against the German's Government Pressure!

*** Paris, 15 July 2015 — La Quadrature du Net strongly condemns the attempts to intimidate the 
German website Netzpolitik, [accused of treason][1] by the German court for publishing documents 
revealing the extension of Internet surveillance by the German secret services. La Quadrature du 
Net supports the German activists being pressured by the authorities for defending fundamental 

Netzpolitik, the German website defending fundamental freedoms, has been charged for “treason” on 
10 July by demand of the president of the German intelligence services. The case will be lead by 
the federal prosecutor in charge of espionage and terrorism.

The accusation is charging the Netzpolitk activists with publishing, in two articles in 
[February][2] and [April 2015][3], leaked documents describing the new surveillance tools used by 
the German intelligence services. German newspapers had already revealed the reality of how the 
services' powers were extended, but hadn't published internal documents.

In the name of the right to inform, Netzpolitik claims the right to publish the original sources 
of the surveillance programs they contest so that citizens may be aware about the scale of the 
spying citizens they are subjected to, even if this surveillance was approved by their MPs.

La Quadrature du Net expresses its support and solidarity with the defenders of liberties of 
Netzpolitik and strongly condemns the intimidation and the legal threats they are being subjected 
to. At a time when, in France, the recent Intelligence Law punishes the revelation of 
surveillance methods, even if those methods are illegal, without providing any serious measures 
to protect whistleblowers, it is fundamental to protect those who work to inform citizens.

**_“The relationship between freedoms-defending civil society and intelligence services backed by 
public authorities is rapidly degrading. Claiming raisons of State, intelligence agencies have no 
hesitations using such an argument to crush all attempts by citizens to control surveillance. In 
Germany, as is the case in France, the many revelations on domestic surveillance by our own 
agencies, or foreign surveillance by the NSA are met with the closed doors of State secrecy and 
higher reasons. Citizens have a right to be informed and the duty to revolt, and we will side 
with our friends in Netzpolitik in their fight for the defence of fundamental rights.”_** 
declared Philippe Aigrain, co-founder and member of La Quadrature du Net's Strategic Orientation 

* References *

   [1]: https://netzpolitik.org/2015/federal-office-for-the-protection-of-the-constitution-brings-a-charge-the-federal-public-prosecutor-investigates-against-us-concerning-our-sources/
   [2]: https://netzpolitik.org/2015/geheimer-geldregen-verfassungsschutz-arbeitet-an-massendatenauswertung-von-internetinhalten/
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