[A2k] Shame on France: French Constitutional Council Widely Approves Surveillance Law!

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Shame on France: French Constitutional Council Widely Approves Surveillance Law!

*** Paris, 23 July 2015 — By validating almost all surveillance measures provided in the 
Surveillance Law adopted on 25 June, the French Constitutional Council legalises mass 
surveillance and endorses a historical decline in fundamental rights. Algorithmic black boxes 
have been approved. Only international surveillance has been deemed to be non compliant to the 
Constitution.  ***

Scope, black boxes, elimination of judicial oversight, no protection of attorney-client privilege 
and other protected professions, as well as the confidentiality of journalists' sources, absence 
of transparency with respect to the abuses found: almost all of the provisions of the 
Surveillance law are declared to be constitutional. Only international surveillance is censored, 
which paradoxically may strengthen the intelligence services in their practices without any legal 

This decision is extremely disappointing. The judges of the Constitutional Council decided to 
summarily dismiss the numerous arguments raised in the dozen briefs submitted to the 
Constitutional Council by many players in the defence of fundamental rights. It has been endorsed 
whereas today, the United Nations Human Rights Committee issued a report roundly condemning this 
dangerous law.

Bucking the trend across Europe, where a number of jurisdictions have come out strongly against 
mass surveillance, the French Constitutional Council has disavowed its role as protector of 
fundamental rights and liberties. By refusing to implement effective control over the 
intelligence services, it is rubber-stamping a historic step back for privacy and freedom of 
communication, thus undermining the very foundations of democracy.

This evening the reason of state was brutally imposed over the rule of law.

However, we will continue the fight against this wicked law and all those which will follow 
wherever we can, especially before the European institutions and jurisdictions. And since France 
has come to this point, we will help citizens to protect themselves against the surveillance of 
their own government.

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