[A2k] Canada seeking TRIPS Council to set work plan on IP and e-commerce

Viviana Munoz Munoz at southcentre.int
Fri Jun 3 02:02:44 PDT 2016

The TRIPS Council will be meeting 7-8 June.
There will be discussion on a new agenda item on "work plan on IP and e-commerce" (Ad - hoc).

Canada, proponent, in its submission states (document IP/C/W/613):

"Further to the Ministerial Decision at MC10, and in view of the Nairobi Ministerial Declaration
guidance "to reinvigorate the regular work of the [WTO] Committees" (WT/MIN(15)/DEC), this
communication invites consideration by Members of possible approaches for re-engaging in
discussions under the Work Programme at the TRIPS Council. In view of previous formal
discussions, which examined the provisions of TRIPS relevant to paragraph 4.1 of the Work
Programme (IP/C/W/128), as well as further developments in the international framework
concerning standards of IP protection, enforcement and related matters (IP/C/W/128/Add.1),
renewed engagement on this topic might, for instance, allow Members an opportunity to share
national experiences and practices on IP and e-commerce issues in light of the rapid growth in
digital technology and telecommunications as facilitators of commerce across countries at all levels
of development. Such discussions could be valuable to inform respective national policy
development efforts on the intersection between IPRs and e-commerce and help Members better
understand and catalogue emerging global policy norms in this area. Canada would welcome an exchange of views on these issues under a dedicated agenda item on the Work Programme at the 7-8 June 2016 meeting of the Council for TRIPS.

As an example of the information exchanges that it would envisage for renewed discussions
under the Work Programme at the TRIPS Council, Canada would be pleased to present at the
7-8 June 2016 meeting on a recent innovative law enforcement initiative addressing the sale of
counterfeit trademark goods over the Internet, with a view to sharing an important element of its
evolving national practices on IP and e-commerce issues."

Viviana Munoz Tellez - South Centre

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