[A2k] Broadcasting treaty

Jamie Love james.love at keionline.org
Mon Nov 14 01:30:25 PST 2016

I was asked how Trump's elections might influence the WIPO broadcasting
treaty negotiations.

At present, the Broadcast treaty would give rights to "traditional"
 broadcasters, and extend the rights to transmissions on the Internet.
Because the treaty beneficiaries are the entities that schedule content
(and not the copyright holders or the people who provide bandwidith), it is
supported in its more aggressive forms by News Corp. USA to date has
opposed post fixation rights, but has been wavering as late.

If Trump is really thinking about launching an Internet based broadcasting
news service, with Stephen Bannon, Bannon might want to either oppose the
special treatment for traditional broadcasters, or expand the treaty to
benefit Internet originated broadcasts.    Not sure either how Bannon would
view fair use, exceptions issues.

At WIPO this week, there will be a hard push to recommend a diplomatic
conference in 2018.


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