[A2k] A few quick comments on the WIPO negotiation

Jamie Love james.love at keionline.org
Mon Nov 14 02:07:48 PST 2016

1.   Even though WIPO is moving forward, step by step, toward a
recommendation for a diplomatic conference for broadcasting, there are very
few groups attending the meeting who are inclined to oppose or even narrow
the treaty.  In recent meetings, some key copyright rightholder NGOs who
have opposed the treaty, have been reigned in by the big media companies.
The technology sector has been missing in action in this negotiation for a
long time.  KEI and CIS seem to be the only NGOs in the room this morning
that have a record of opposing the treaty, outside of the library groups.
The library groups have been largely silent on the broadcasting treaty in
recent meeting, choosing to focus almost exclusively on their efforts to
obtain a treaty on exceptions for libraries.

2.  For many years, Jukka Leides chaired WIPO SCCR, meeting after meeting.
Now it is Martin Moscoso.
​This d
urable tenure
​is ​
unique to
​the SCCR.  Other WIPO committees have frequent changes in Chairs.

​3.  The room is actually pretty empty this morning, so that may be a sign
that little progress is expected.
​  However, US and Secretariat is working very hard to find a way forward
on the broadcasting treaty.

4.  No evidence that USA or EU will want text based work on copyright
exceptions​, a topic Group sees as "lacking consensus."

​5.  You can stream an instant transcript at:
http://www.streamtext.net/player?event=WIPO, passwork sccr33​, or watch via
WIPO webcast.

6.   EU:  "upmost importance" that broadcast treaty be relevant to modern
technologies (Its all about the Internet).  Wants to focus attention on the
text of SCCR/33/3.

​7.   EU: will contribute "constructively" on issue of exceptions.  Showing
some new flexiability to discuss how to implement copyright exceptions.​
 Opposes new legally binding instruments.

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