[A2k] Turning the tables – how do copyright laws measure up for libraries?

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Mon Sep 5 03:15:56 PDT 2016

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Posted on 5 September 2016- By Teresa Hackett EIFL

Every April, the Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR) issues
the "Special 301 Report", an annual review of the state of intellectual
property (IP) rights with US trading partners around the world.

Countries deemed to have inadequate IP protection and enforcement are
graded into categories - priority watch list and watch list - in the report
that is usually hailed by industry and assailed by public interest
groups who complain about one-sidedness and lack of balance in its findings.

What if library advocates had a handy way to measure the aspects of
copyright law most important to them? Like the provisions that allow
libraries to develop their collections, provide robust support to education
and research, preserve our cultural heritage not just for tomorrow but for
the long term future, and to serve all persons with disabilities equally.

Or legally speaking, to measure the limitations and exceptions that provide
the essential balance in copyright law between the rights of copyright
owners and the rights of users..

The EIFL Core Library Exceptions Checklist is a practical and, we hope, a
fun way to help librarians do just that – to evaluate their domestic
copyright law, identify gaps or see where the law is doing well.

The checklist can be used by the library community to generate discussion
around copyright issues, assist with copyright law reform and, if the
results from different countries are collated, to provide a global picture
of the real state of copyright laws from a library perspective. A kind of
‘Special 301’ report for libraries.

Read more *http://www.cilip.org.uk/blog/turning-tables-how-do-copyright-laws-measure-libraries

Teresa Hackett
Copyright and Libraries Programme Manager
EIFL - Electronic Information for Libraries - www.eifl.net

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