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https://europeancommonsassembly.eu <http://europeancommonsassembly.eu/>
>> On the rise: European Commons Assembly
>> Networking, unity and policy around the commons paradigm
>> On September 26, a group of nonprofits, activists, and other civil 
>> society organizations jointly publish a “Call for a European Commons 
>> Assembly” <https://europeancommonsassembly.eu/#section1>.  The 
>> collectively drafted document, which continues to garner signatures 
>> from groups and individuals around Europe, serves as a declaration of 
>> purpose for a distributed network of “commoners.”
>> The Assembly seeks to unite citizens in trans-local and 
>> trans-european solidarity  to overcome Europe’s current challenges 
>> and reinvigorate the political process for the 21st century. The 
>> commons can be understood as a bridging paradigm that stresses 
>> cooperation in management of resources, knowledge, tools, and spaces 
>> as diverse as water, Wikipedia, a crowdfund, or a community garden.

>> Michel Bauwens, part of the European Commons Assembly (ECA) and a 
>> prominent figure in the peer-to-peer movement, puts the initiative in 
>> context:
>> “All over the world, a new social movement is emerging, which is 
>> challenging the ‘extractive’ premises of the mainstream political 
>> economy and which is co-constructing the seed forms of a sustainable 
>> and solidary society. Commoners are also getting a voice, for example 
>> through the Assemblies of the Commons that are emerging in French 
>> cities and elsewhere. The time is ripe for a shoutout to the 
>> political world, through a European Assembly of the Commons.”
>> The Assembly emerged in May from a diverse, gender balanced pilot 
>> community of 28 activists from 15 European countries, working in 
>> different domains of the commons.  New people are joining the 
>> Assembly every week, and ECA is inclusive and open for others to 
>> join, so that a broad and resilient European movement can coalesce. 
>> It seeks to visibilize acts of commoning by citizens for citizens, 
>> while promoting interaction with policy and institutions at both the 
>> national and European levels.
>> The Call includes an open invitation to Brussels from November 15 to 
>> 17, 2016 for three days of activities and shared reflection on how to 
>> protect and promote the commons. It will include an official session 
>> in the European Parliament, hosted by the Intergroup on Common Goods 
>> and Public Services, on November 16 (limited capacity).
>> You can read and sign the full text of the Call, also available in 
>> French, Spanish, and other European languages, on the ECA website 
>> <http://europeancommonsassembly.eu/>. People are welcome to sign 
>> <http://europeancommonsassembly.eu/sign-call/> as an individual or an 
>> organization.
>> For more information, visit http://europeancommonsassembly.eu/ or 
>> follow @CommonsAssembly on Twitter for regular updates.
>> Media Contact:   Nicole Leonard contact at europeancommonsassembly.eu 
>> <mailto:contact at europeancommonsassembly.eu>
>> Keywords:  Commons, European, Citizens, Parliament, Participatory 
>> Democracy, Civil Society

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