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Dear All,

ITS Rio <http://www.itsrio.org/> has just launched the call for
applications to our annual fellowship program in Rio de Janeiro.

More information at:

The program will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in July 2017.
Deadline to apply is March 13th.

Best regards,

Applications now open

The Institute for Technology and Society of Rio de Janeiro (itsrio.org)
invites researchers, students and professionals working with technology
policy to apply to its Global Policy Fellowship Program and spend four
weeks in Brazil at ITS Rio. Last year, we welcomed five fellows, who gave
valuable contributions to the success of the Fellowship Program.

Our Global Fellows will have the opportunity to work with the team who
created and developed Brazil’s Internet Bill of Rights *(Marco Civil da
Internet)*, a bill that guarantees and promotes the  protection of
fundamental rights, including privacy, net neutrality and freedom of
expression, which was approved as law in Brazil in April 2014. Furthermore,
they will be able to choose one of our four main areas of work to develop
their research in, namely:

– *Democracy & Technology* (civic engagement, online participation, and

– *Rights & Technology* (connectivity, freedom of expression, privacy and
others topics on Internet regulation)

– *Education* (intellectual property, digital entrepreneurship, online
teaching, and others)

– *Rethinking Innovation* (new models of development, economic and social
processes, and others)

ITS Fellowship Program will offer the opportunity for those interested in
internet and technology policy to deepen their knowledge about the
Brazilian technology context. We have prepared an intensive 4-week* program
for our fellows, which includes meeting ITS Rio partners in Rio de Janeiro,
São Paulo and Brasília in order to have the opportunity to visit some of
the largest national and international technology  companies operating in
Brazil, as well as governmental entities.

See the list of our former fellows *here

fellows will be expected to

   - Make a short presentation to ITS Rio’s team about their research
   projects and professional experiences

   - Publish at least one short article or web post about their experience
   as a fellow in Brazil

   - Collaborate with ITS Rio’s team and its projects and publications

   - Engage in talks and meetings with lawyers, policymakers, press and
   industry representatives on their topic

   - Identify research projects with ITS Rio’s team

   - Give a lecture during the International School of Law and Technology
   that will take place in Rio de Janeiro from July 17th to July 21st

The class plan should be ready or in the process of being ready by the time
fellows arrive in Brazil. Suggested topics include: artificial
intelligence, big data, internet of things, algorithms, broadband and
access policy, content regulation, copyrights and creativity, consumer
privacy, open government, government surveillance, data security, freedom
of expression, democracy and technology, human rights, innovation, open
leadership, education and culture.
Who should apply?

   - Registration valid only for foreigners
   - Portuguese skills are not required (but English is mandatory)

We are looking for MBA, Master’s, and PhD students, researchers, and
professionals who are following the debates in the public policy field, and
who want to spend part of their summer or winter in Brazil, learning about
Internet policy. People from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.
Our Fellowship Package includes

   - Intensive 4-week program for the fellows
   - Flight tickets to São Paulo and Brasília
   - Accommodation in São Paulo and Brasilia during the days of our visit

   - Shared office space at our headquarters for four weeks
   - An one-week course as lecturer and student with immersion in subjects
   related to law and technology

Our Fellowship Package does not include

   - International travelling to and from Brazil
   - Accommodation during the four weeks in Rio de Janeiro, where our
   program takes place
   - Other costs related to your stay in Brazil, besides those mentioned
   - Visa fees (if necessary)

Our team will provide information about how to find accommodation in the
city during the fellows’ stay.
Important Dates

   - Application deadline: March 13th, 2017
   - Announcement of selected candidates by e-mail: March 31st, 2017
   - Fellowship Program start: July 03th, and finish in July 31st, 2017

Fellows are expected to stay in Rio from July 3rd  to July 31st. Fellows
can coordinate with ITS Rio the possibility of staying for a longer term
before or after this period if they wish. Visa and related costs for
additional stay should be arranged by the fellows.
For the selection processes, you must

   - Complete the form here <https://itsrio2.typeform.com/to/IKDsEt>

In the form we will also ask you for your complete academic and
professional resume, including Linkedin profile and other online references
you want us to consider.
Need help?

If you need any further information please contact its at itsrio.org.
fellows 2016
ITS Fellows 2016 and what they said about their experience

*Fernando Montejo*

“Being part of the 2016 ITS Rio Fellowship was an incredible experience.
Not only did I find great friends in my fellow Fellows, but everyone at the
ITS office was very welcoming and helped introduce us to the beautiful city
of Rio de Janeiro. Our multiple site visits to tech companies,
organizations, and government agencies throughout Rio, Brasilia and São
Paulo were valuable networking opportunities and provided an in-depth view
of Brazil’s technology ecosystem. As a city planner, I was able to learn so
much from the ITS staff and the Fellows about technology policy and its
implications on urban development. Furthermore, I had the unforgettable
benefit of experiencing Rio as it prepared to host the Olympic Games!”

*Julia Manske*

“Staying with ITS in 2016 was a truly enriching experience in every sense.
The fellowship took place during the peak of Brasil’s impeachment process
and just before the Olympics, so these were very challenging but also
interesting times for the city and the country. The fellowship allowed us
to get first hand insights and to meet policy makers, civil society and
business people to hear their views and expectations. Also for my area of
interest, digital rights and data management, the fellowship provided me
with interesting contacts and perspectives. More importantly, ITS managed
to bring together a diverse and fantastic group of people. We had a lot of
fun and an amazing time together with ITS’ lovely team in one of the most
beautiful cities in the world.”

*Olivier Alais*

“I loved my experience as a Fellow at ITS. It was the perfect opportunity
to meet new people, to discover Brazil and to understand the political and
technological context. I will be glad to come back to ITS and to work again
with this amazing team. The ITS office is very well located in Rio. It is
easy to walk to the Flamengo beach or to the famous Sugarloaf Mountain to
enjoy the view. I liked discovering the city and have fun with the others
fellows and the ITS team. I highly recommended to apply to the ITS

*Pablo Freudenthal*

“The fellowship permitted us to review digital policies in the global south
from many different angles, as we had the chance to meet up with important
stakeholders from politics, NGO’s science and the corporate sector.
Furthermore, ITS’ mission is not solely focused on legislation but works
across many branches of digital activism. The entrepreneurial spirit within
the organization is noteworthy, as a young and dynamic team collaborates
with groups from across the country to truly produce cutting edge research
and E- Learning opportunities. It was especially inspiring to see how young
people in Rio campaign, investigate and publish in times of political
turbulence. In this context, visiting the National chamber of deputies’
open parliament initiative, right as its president Eduardo Cunha was
resigning to his position and shifting the political landscape of Brazil,
reflected just how important innovation in information technology is in
times of populism.

Experiencing Rio de Janeiro with locals from all type backgrounds is an
enriching experience for any academic with a focus on innovation and
development.  On top of that, the mix of high caliber fellows, coming from
different parts of the globe, disciplines, and research focuses, added to
an unforgetful experience. As Alessandra from smart citizen platform MeuRio
has stated: What happens in Rio is relevant for the developed and
developing worlds. Rio is a city that lends its identity to anyone that
decides to step a foot in this marvelous city.”

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