[A2k] June 27-29 USTR NAFTA renegotiation hearings schedule

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June 27-29 USTR NAFTA renegotiation hearings schedule

The latest version of the USTR NAFTA renegotiation hearings schedule is
out. The version USTR sent me is here. (USTR has a page for the hearing,
here, but last I checked, they have not posted the schedule on their web

There are 26 panels of witnesses over 2.5 days. Doing the math, each
witness seems to have less than 10 minutes, including questions from the

Today, June 27, 2017, there are three panels that appear to focus on
intellectual property rights, including several of industry groups from the
copyright or information technology sectors.

The pharmaceutical companies have made a decision to skip the hearing.
Missing from the three day witness list is any anyone from PhRMA, BIO or
their member companies.

These are the three intellectual property rights panels, beginning at

June 27
Panel 9: 4:45 PM -5:40 PM
Eric Schwartz, Counsel, International Intellectual Property Alliance
Ashley Friedman, Director, Global Policy, Information Technology Industry
Joel Thayer, Associate Policy Counsel, The App Association
Rebecca Tushnet, Counsel, Organization for Transformative Works
Jeffrey Musson, Founder/Executive Director, Northof41
Kenneth Propp, Director of Policy, BSA The Software Alliance

Panel 10: 5:45 PM - 6:55 PM
Mitch Glazier, President, Recording Industry Association of America
Jocelyn Moore, Senior Vice President of Public Policy & Government Affairs,
National Football League
Matthew Schruers, Vice President of Law & Policy, Computer & Communications
Industry Association
James Love, Director, Knowledge Ecology International
Jonathan Band, Counsel, Library Copyright Alliance
Roberto Rosas, Doctor of Juridical Science, St. Mary’s University School of
Michael Petricone, Senior Vice President for Government Affairs, Consumer
Technology Association

Panel 11: 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Anissa Brennan, SVP of International Affairs and Trade Policy, Motion
Picture Association
Shawna Morris, Senior Director, Consortium for Common Food Names
Ari Giovenco, Director of Trade and International Policy, Internet
Joshua Lamel, Executive Director, Re:Create
Michael Palmedo, Assistant Director of Grants and Research, Program on
Information Justice and Intellectual Property
Joe Marion, President of the Association of Service and Computer Dealers
International and the North American Association of Telecommunications
Dealers, Owners Rights Initiative
Carl Schonander, Senior Director for International Policy, Software
Information Industry Association


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