[A2k] Debunking random claims of value of publishing industry

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Hi Steve,

In the 2006 study we did with Rishab Ghosh and Luc Soete on the economic
impact of F/OSS and later, in more detail, in my Sharing: Culture and
the Economy in the Internet Age book (2012,
http://www.sharing-thebook.com/), I estimated the total value (in GDP
terms, that is addded-value or consumption) of the content industries
(selling content as product or service) to a little more than 2% of GDP
in the EU, and claimed that it represented between half and a third of
the value of providing means to individuals for creative and
communicaton activities. There are wide differences in estimates of
cultural consumption, depending precisely on whether you include or not
technical devices and services used for creative activities by
individuals (most of which will never be the object of any economic
transaction on their output). There are also great differences betweeb
the US and continental Europe countries, cultural consumption of
households statistics in the US being about twice the average between
Germany and France. This is probably due to differences between what is
measured but also to the greater value captured by the entertainment

Of course, things have probably changed, but I doubt it has modified the
picture significantly. And thus the 5% claim is non-sense.



Le 03/03/2018 à 00:43, Stephen Wyber a écrit :
> Dear all,
> This is a very broad question, but is anyone aware of a comprehensive debunking of WIPO's estimates of the 'value' of the creative industries (for example<http://www.wipo.int/export/sites/www/copyright/en/performance/pdf/economic_contribution_analysis_2014.pdf>)? I'm aware of the lead on copyright in the Spanish government claiming that publishing accounts for 5% of GDP, which sounds like rubbish to me. It could represent the overall WIPO estimate of the value of the cultural sector, but even this looks high.
> Thanks,
> Stephen
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