[A2k] New era for copyright in Kyrgyzstan

Teresa Hackett teresa.hackett at eifl.net
Fri Mar 30 03:06:34 PDT 2018

Secondary school children and people with print disabilities benefit from
the new copyright law in Kyrgyzstan

In March 2017, the law on copyright and related rights of the Kyrgyz
Republic was amended to include important changes for the benefit of
libraries, educational institutions and persons with print disabilities.
There are also new provisions safeguarding access to works created through
public funds.

EIFL warmly welcomes the changes that, taken together, herald a new law
that is people-centred, pragmatic and puts education and development at the
centre of copyright law and policy.

Read more: http://www.eifl.net/news/new-era-copyright-kyrgyzstan


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