[A2k] SCCR38 EIFL statement on libraries and archives

Teresa Hackett teresa.hackett at eifl.net
Wed Apr 3 05:24:37 PDT 2019

We are grateful to member states for their statements this morning in
support for libraries and archives.

We deeply appreciate the recognition of the Director General, in his
opening remarks, of the importance of libraries for humanity, and the need
for solutions in the distribution of knowledge by libraries and archives in
the globalized, digital world.

In this context, we would like to congratulate the European Union on the
recent adoption by the European Parliament of the Digital Single Market
Directive that updates copyright rules for the digital age.

Among other changes, cultural heritage institutions benefit from new
mandatory exceptions for preservation and text and data mining across all
EU member states, and the exceptions are protected from override by
contract terms or TPMs. Thus a library in Poland, for example, can
cooperate in a preservation project with a library in Lithuania to share
socially valuable research material.

We look forward to learning more about why a supra-national, regional
solution was needed in Europe, how consensus was achieved, and how the
experience in Europe can be incorporated into discussions at WIPO,
especially with regard to addressing copyright issues in cross-border

Thank you.

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