[A2k] [OT] Job Opportunity: International Policy Director

Katitza katitza at eff.org
Tue Apr 9 14:09:41 PDT 2019


We're really excited to be hiring for a new role within EFF -- an 
International Policy Director! You can read the job description here: 

We’re looking to recruit someone with deep expertise in European Union 
lawmaking, global copyright law, and intermediary liability issues as 
well as substantive experience in management. This new role will help 
serve as a bridge between our international policy work and the larger 
EFF legal team. We would really appreciate any assistance you could 
offer in helping us get the word out about this new position - by 
posting it to coalition lists, sending it to friends you know, posting 
it on social media, and letting us know if there are any candidates 
you’d suggest.

Deadline to apply due April 23rd.

Come work with me, and the whole EFF team. Thank you so much,

Katitza Rodriguez

International Rights Director

Electronic Frontier Foundation

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