[A2k] Brunetti Recap

Sean Flynn sflynn at wcl.american.edu
Wed Apr 10 14:53:19 PDT 2019

We are having an especially great panel (and a special reception) Monday for a discussion of one of the most interesting IP & freedom of expression cases in the Supreme Court since Tam.

Join us for the post-argument discussion of Iancu v. Brunetti - on the constitutionality of the denial of registration of the FUCT mark.

April 15, 2019
5:00 - 6:00 | Grossman Hall

Erik Brunetti
Founder of FUCT, Respondent
John Sommer
Counsel for Brunetti, Respondent
Caleb Trotter
Amicus Curiae of Pacific Legal Foundation in support of Respondent
Ted Davis
Amicus Curiae of American Intellectual Property Law Association in support of Neither Party
Ilya Shapiro
Amici Curiae of the Cato Institute, et. al. in support of Respondent
Jeremy Feigelson
Amicus Curiae of the International Trademark Association in support of Respondent
Christine Haight Farley
American University Washington College of Law, Moderator


Sean Flynn
Professorial Lecturer and Director, LLM in IP
Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property
American University Washington College of Law

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