[A2k] Fair Use/Fair Dealing Week Resources + roundup from Day 1

Krista Cox krista at arl.org
Tue Feb 26 07:32:21 PST 2019

Hi All (apologies for cross-postings),

Happy Fair Use/Fair Dealing Week 2019! In case you're looking for great
resources on fair use or fair dealing, here's a collection
<http://policynotes.arl.org/?p=1781>of various infographics, podcasts,
videos and more that have been shared during previous Fair Use/Fair Dealing
Week celebrations. I encourage you to take a look at the wealth of
resources from past years.

Additionally, here's the roundup from Day 1
<http://policynotes.arl.org/?p=1779> of Fair Use/Fair Dealing Week 2019. If
I missed your post yesterday and/or you're not listed on the participating
organizations <http://fairuseweek.org/participating-organizations/> and
want to be, send me a note and I'm happy to add it in.


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