[A2k] Public Domain Week (January, 21-25)

Natalia Mileszyk nmileszyk at centrumcyfrowe.pl
Wed Jan 2 02:36:17 PST 2019

Dear All,

On New Year’s Day, as every year, there is the Public Domain Day celebrated
– works of many great artists and scientists will come into the public
domain and will be available for access, use and re-distribute. You can
check the list of them at
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_in_public_domain. But 2019 is also a
unique year:

-    We’ll celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Public Domain Manifesto (
http://www.publicdomainmanifesto.org/manifesto.html) endorsed by many
international organizations;

-    In the US, ever since the 1998 Copyright Term Extension Act, no
published works have entered the public domain (well, none due to copyright
expiration). But for the first time in 20 years this January, tens of
thousands of books, films, visual art, sheet music, and plays published in
1923 will be free of intellectual property restrictions (

-    There is a chance that the public domain will be granted legal
protection in the new copyright directive, which is debated right now in
the EU (

Therefore, we want to invite all organizations working for openness and
commons to celebrate with us Public Domain Week (January, 21-25). Some of
our partners will organize events this week (including Creative Commons in
the US, Centrum Cyfrowe in Poland), but we would love also to see other
things happening - your imagination is the limit. Maybe you want to
organise something? An event, a hackathon, a concert, a contest? Maybe you
want to help with internet outreach on the public domain? Publish something
on your blogs (Why public domain is important to you? How your readers can
contribute from the public domain?), give some love to the topic on social

What we can promise to you is:

-    Relaunching of the webpage with Public Domain Manifesto by January 21st
(we’re well aware that it looks really outdated) + all of the 24
translations of the manifesto (that are available at
http://publicdomainmanifesto.org/translations.html) will also be published
- check if your language is available!

-    Sharing graphics to celebrate Public Domain 2019

We are not planning to coordinate this action too much (there won’t be any
new website etc., but cross-referencing is more than welcome!) nevertheless
please let us know (nmileszyk at centrumcyfrowe.pl) by January 16th if you’ll
participate so we can provide you with all materials.


Natalia & Communia team
Natalia Mileszyk
Centrum Cyfrowe            | centrumcyfrowe.pl/
public policy expert
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Communia Association        |  communia-association.org

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