[A2k] IFLA Statement on SCCR at WIPO GA

Stephen Wyber Stephen.Wyber at ifla.org
Wed Oct 2 12:23:09 PDT 2019

Dear all,

Please find below the text of the statement delivered by IFLA during WIPO's General Assembly Item 15 (SCCR):


Thank you Chair, Director-General, Deputy Director-General.

I am speaking on behalf of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions, with over 1500 members in around 150 countries worldwide, representing the world's 2.5 million plus libraries, and billion plus users.

We wanted to thank the Secretariat for its hard work to deliver on the Action Plans on limitations and exceptions, and are strongly looking forward to the international conference.

Our hopes are high for a discussion that delivers fully on the mandate delivered by Member States to consider opportunities and challenges provided by various international solutions.

In order to ensure value and legitimacy, it will be important to maximise the opportunity to hear from people who have a real expertise on what is needed to support access to information, education and research, and so deliver the SDGs.

We appreciate the efforts of the Secretariat to achieve this in the case of libraries, archives and museums and encourage the same focus across the agenda.

Mr Chair.

I want to focus, finally, on the particular importance of enabling preservation of and access to heritage. It is hard to imagine an activity where the risk of market failure, or the costs of inaction are higher.

We see too many disasters, too many losses, made all the worse for want of comprehensive preservation policies, of the possibility for heritage institutions to work together, across borders. National policies - the answer proposed by some - are not enough for countries whose very existence is threatened.

WIPO and its Member States have a special role here. You alone can provide certainty for governments in passing their own laws, and certainty for libraries, archives and museums in carrying out their missions.

We hope you can deliver.

Thank you.


Many thanks,


Stephen Wyber
Manager, Policy and Advocacy, IFLA
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