[A2k] WIPO GA ITEM 25 - IFLA Statement

Stephen Wyber Stephen.Wyber at ifla.org
Thu Oct 3 08:59:53 PDT 2019

Dear all,

Please see below the statement delivered by IFLA at item 25 of the WIPO General Assembly, focusing on the Marrakesh Treaty:


ITEM 29 - Marrakesh Treaty

I am speaking on behalf of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions. We have many members dedicated to achieving the goals of the Treaty, and are delighted to see its progress.

We would particularly like to say congratulations - and thank you - to all of those countries which have ratified or acceded to the Treaty over the past year.

This not only underlines the appetite that there is for WIPO instruments which help deliver public goods and overcome market failure.

It also makes clear the unique power of this Organisation, through its normative work, to provide the legal clarity and impetus necessary for change, and to enable cross-border exchanges.

We encourage all those countries ratifying to take the necessary steps to update and implement their national legislation. The efforts of your country, Mr Chair, are exemplary in this regard.

We are happy to see that a crushing majority of those countries which are passing legislation are not taking advantage of the provisions in Articles 4(4) and 4(5), in line with the spirit of the Treaty, and many are making it clear that as far as possible, people with other disabilities also benefit.

We hope that, in this Organisation's ongoing work to promote the Treaty, it will be vigilant in countering efforts to misrepresent the content of the Treaty, and continue to engage with the libraries and other authorised entities that will be essential to make it a success.

Clearly, we are aware that legal reform is a necessary, but not a sufficient condition for change.

We therefore strongly commend the work of the ABC Book Service, which is leading the way, and setting an example, for broader efforts to promote the sharing of books for the benefit of people with print disabilities.

Thank you.


Many thanks,


Stephen Wyber
Manager, Policy and Advocacy, IFLA
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