[A2k] Letter to WIPO on COVID and IP

Clara Alves clara at abiaids.org.br
Wed Apr 8 12:41:06 PDT 2020

Dear Sean Flynn,

Since the letter was already sent, I would like to know if there is the
intention to publish the entities names of new supporters on a platform or
site. Or maybe send a new updated version.

Thank you.

Clara Alves

Em sex., 3 de abr. de 2020 às 09:02, 'Sean Flynn' via Access to Medicines &
Innovation <accesstomedsandinnovation at googlegroups.com> escreveu:

> This letter to WIPO DG Gurry was sent today from 140+ organizations and
> individuals representing educators and researchers.
> Gurry COVID Letter https://tinyurl.com/GurryCorona
> The letter is from organisations and individuals representing researchers,
> educators, students, and the institutions that support them.
> It requests Gurry to “use your position as the leader of the global
> intellectual property system to take urgent action to guide Member States
> and others in their response to intellectual property issues that the
> coronavirus is raising. These steps should include:
> -Encouraging all WIPO member states to take advantage of flexibilities in
> the international system that permit uses of intellectual
> property-protected works for online education, for research and
> experimental uses, and for vital public interests, such as access to
> medicine and culture;
> -Calling on all right holders to remove licensing restrictions that
> inhibit remote education, research (including for text and data mining and
> artificial intelligence projects) and access to culture, including across
> borders, both to help address the global pandemic, and in order to minimise
> the disruption caused by it;
> -Supporting the call by Costa Rica for the World Health Organization to
> create a global pool of rights in COVID-19 related technology and data, as
> well as promoting the use of the Medicines Patents Pool, voluntary
> licensing, intellectual property pledges, compulsory licensing, use of
> competition laws, and other measures to eliminate barriers to the
> competitive global manufacture, distribution and sale of potentially
> effective products to detect, prevent, and treat COVID-19.
> -Supporting countries’ rights to enact and use exceptions to trade secret
> and other intellectual property rights needed to facilitate greater access
> to manufacturing information, cell lines, confidential business
> information, data, software, product blueprints, manufacturing processes,
> and other subject matter needed to achieve universal and equitable access
> to COVID-19 medicines and medical technologies as soon as reasonably
> possible.”
> Please share with your networks. There is a link in the doc to add new
> endorsements that remains open.
> Sean Flynn
> Professorial Lecturer and Director
> Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property
> American University Washington College of Law
> www.pijip.org
> ZoomRoom:  https://auwcl.zoom.us/j/4672736679
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