[A2k] access to Textbooks in the Pandemic

Manon Ress manon.ress at keionline.org
Wed Oct 14 07:30:36 PDT 2020



During the spring, many publishers made access to digital course materials
free <https://publishers.org/aap-news/covid-19-response/> to ease students’
transition into remote instruction. But that offer was temporary. At Santa
Fe Community College, for example, students are still learning remotely and
do not have access to print materials in the library.

Valerie Nye, library director at the community college, described her
struggle to find a solution in a recent webinar
by the Association of College and Research Libraries. She described how her
institution is now working with a company called BibliU
<https://bibliu.com/> to provide students with access to digital textbooks.
She noted, however, that this is being funded by CARES Act federal stimulus
funding and may not be a sustainable option for the library in the long

VitalSource, an e-textbook distribution platform, offered one of the most
comprehensive programs for free access to digital textbooks in the spring.
In total, 219,000 students from the United States, Canada and the United
Kingdom, accessed free digital course materials from over 600 academic
publishers through the VitalSource Helps
<https://get.vitalsource.com/vitalsource-helps> program.

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