[Ip-health] Data Points on Norvir Prices?

Marg Ewen Marg at haiweb.org
Tue Aug 10 03:34:48 PDT 2010

Hi Anne
On the HAI Global website we have compiled lists of national and
multi-country sources of medicine price information that can be accessed
through the internet.

Perhaps some of these websites may include prices on Norvir.

For national price information:
For multi-country price information:
Marg Ewen
HAI Global

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 I am working at Knowledge Ecology International, presently researching
comparative prices of the HIV/AIDS drug Norvir (ritonavir), sold as a
standalone product in 100mg tablets or the oral solution, marketed by
Abbott Labs (as opposed to the combination product lopinavir+ritonavir).

 I would be particularly grateful for data points on the prices of
Norvir 100mg tablets - and if possible the oral solution also. I am
particularly interested in prices from higher income countries where the
ritonavir patent is in effect.

 Thank you very much for your time and your help!


Anne Mira Guha

anne.guha at keionline.org

JD/MA candidate (2011)
The George Washington University Law School The Elliott School of
International Affairs (International Science and Technology Policy)

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