[Ip-health] Data Sharing Leads to Alzheimer's Research Successes

Janice Ta janiceta at gmail.com
Thu Aug 12 23:07:36 PDT 2010

Interesting article about access to medical data and the recent
breakthroughs in Alzheimer's research:

"The key to the Alzheimer’s project was an agreement as ambitious as
its goal: not just to raise money, not just to do research on a vast
scale, but also to share all the data, making every single finding
public immediately, available to anyone with a computer anywhere in
the world."

"'It’s not science the way most of us have practiced it in our
careers. But we all realized that we would never get biomarkers unless
all of us parked our egos and intellectual-property noses outside the
door and agreed that all of our data would be public immediately.'"

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