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Link: The Great DNA Data Deficit: Are Genes for Disease a Mirage?

	Synopsis: Since sequencing the first human genome, genetic  
researchers have searched intensively but unearthed almost no  
evidence to suggest that inherited genes cause common diseases.  
Indeed, for common diseases, which include heart disease, stroke,  
cancers, diabetes, and disorders such as autism, ADHD and dementia,  
as well as mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and depression, a  
significant role for genetic causation can now be ruled out with a  
high degree of confidence.
	Despite their reproducibility and significance, however, awareness  
of these results is almost non-existent. Yet these findings represent  
the most important scientific breakthrough in understanding human  
health in twenty five years and they have many profound implications.  
They mean that human disease is primarily of environmental and not  
inherited origin. They mean that knowledge of the human genome is not  
going to fulfill most of the medical progress and therapeutic roles  
it was intended to. They mean that for most people personalized  
genomics is never going to be useful for predicting the diseases they  
will develop. And they mean we need to get serious about researching  
the broader environmental and dietary causes of all these diseases.
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