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Ellen Shaffer ershaffer at gmail.com
Thu Jul 8 15:58:46 PDT 2010

The following resolution calls for public health representation on
trade advisory committees, the right of governments to protect
populations from tobacco use, and
excluding tobacco from the TPP and future trade agreements.  It was
adopted by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, where Supv. Eric
Mar introduced it, and signed by the Mayor.

Excluding Tobacco Products from the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade
Negotiations and all Future Trade Agreements

Resolution Calling on U.S. Trade Negotiators to Exclude lethal tobacco
and tobacco
products from the Trans-Pacific Partnership and other trade agreements
negotiated by
the United States, and urging the appointment of public health
representatives to
advise U.S. Trade Negotiators to protect public health.

WHEREAS, San Francisco is host to the trade negotiations of the
International TransPacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) from June 14th
- June 18th, 2010, with trade representatives from the United States,
Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Chile, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and
Vietnam; and
WHEREAS, San Francisco is a global leader in tobacco control, having recently
expanded protections to exposure to second hand smoke. California was
the first state to raise cigarette taxes, dramatically reducing
smoking rates and saving lives; and
WHEREAS, Tobacco companies continue to aggressively market their deadly product
through insidious ad campaigns that target communities of color, low
income communities and the LGBTQ community; and
WHEREAS, Global tobacco trade is mushrooming, and tobacco related illnesses
continue to be the leading cause of preventable death and disease
around the world,
expecting to kill over 10 million people by 2030; and
WHEREAS, The Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement may extend the worst of
existing trade agreements, which progressively reduce tariffs on
tobacco and tobacco
products. The Pan American Health Organization has warned that
"Transnational tobacco companies". have been among the strongest
proponents of tariff reduction and open markets,"; and
WHEREAS, Tobacco company representatives have served for years as official trade
advisers to the U.S. administration, and Philip Morris is now urging
Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiators to eliminate all tariffs to make
tobacco products cheap and widely consumed, and to eliminate existing
protections on advertising, selling and using tobacco products; and
WHEREAS, Public health and tobacco control organizations nationally
have urged the
U.S. Trade representatives to exclude tobacco and tobacco products
from trade agreements, and to recognize that there are no public
health representatives serving as official advisers on trade policy to
the Administration or Congress; now, therefore, be it:
RESOLVED, That the San Francisco Board of Supervisors urges our trade leaders to
change course to protect our health by excluding tobacco and tobacco
products from the
Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and from all future trade
agreements; and, be it
FURTHER RESOLVED, That the San Francisco Board of Supervisors urges the U.S.
Trade Representatives and the U.S. Administration to appoint public
health representatives as official trade advisers in the interest of
protecting and promoting our nation's health.


City and County of San Francisco Resolution
City Hall,  I Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place
San Francisco, CA 94102-4689
File Number: 100822 Date Passed: June 22, 2010

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